THE GOOD, THE BAD and the lack of blog post.

One of the reasons I started this blog was not only to share my passion and love that I have for my craft, but also to be able to document past projects and allow clients and/or potential clients to get a better understanding for what we do and how and why we do it. The one thing I never considered is that the blog would become a place I could come to reflect on growth and change in business and look back at where we were then and now. With 2014 being our best year to date it, it came with plenty of sacrifice, long hours, many 7 day work weeks and well… blog post! However, 2014 brought plenty of reward such as the opportunity to hire some great employees and be a part of some incredible projects such as the 2014 Homearama, the completion of a 7,000 sq. ft. custom trim job and the start of another trim job nearly the same size. I couldn’t be happier than where things are going with the company in 2015 as we are already off to a start that will rival 2014. In the coming weeks and months I am going to commit to getting back to the blog and keep sharing all the great stuff we get to be a part of.